Poetry by Prashant

Prashant V Shrivastava, after more than two decades, decided to compile his poems and bundle them up in a book. This book is less than 10 percent of what Prashant has written. If you search his poetry on the internet, you will find a plethora of links where you can read his work. Prashant has been a poet with a soft heart, but at the same time, he reacts strongly on the hard crimes in society. His poetry after the fateful day of Nirbhaya in Delhi touched many hearts. Prashant picks poetry concepts from nature and people around him. He can empathize, which makes him a compassionate poet. His way of writing is such that his poetry can be sung like a song. He loves to rewrite songs. You hand him a tune, and he will revert with a suitable and unique lyrics in an incredibly short time.

Songs or poems in the Book Jo Tum Kaho are of different moods. In one song if the poet Prashant is praising the beauty of a girl, he is elucidating the extreme pain emanating from a broken heart in the next. One poetry talks about broken dreams, and the very next would talk about hope. Prashant’s way of describing objects and people is a little different than that of most poets. His metaphors are new and sprinkle a fresh wave of thoughts on the poems.

Here’s a list of some links where you can read poetry by Prashant: