Zaraa si baat thi

Zaraa si baat thi, sun ke, bhulaa diya hota
Wafaa ki raah pe, kuchh to, silaa diyaa hota

Wo intzaam bhi tha, tum pe, mar gaye hote
InaayatoN meiN, wafaa ko, milaa diya hota

Hai yaad aakhiri pal, tum , bahaar laaye the
Guzarte shaksh ka rukh to, khilaa diya hota

Wo tishnagi bhi, musafir ko, mili to thi, tumse
Isi binaah pe, kuchh to, pilaa diyaa hota

Complete Gazal:

A ghazal that is sure to strike chords of melancholy that a lover experiences when her love has been not reciprocated. When words were referred to judge the intentions clouded by suspicion and relationship ended leaving behind only the memories and pain. Enjoy this original composition by Vimal, the lyrics of Musāfir in the honey-dipped voice of Madhushree and a team of impeccable musicians. It couldn’t have been more joy than to dedicate this Ghazal to a legend on his Birthday. A legend who has inspired millions with his work- Ustad Ghulam Ali Khan Sahab.

Audio Singer- Madhushree Bhattacharya

Music composition and direction- Vimal V

Lyrics- Prashant V Shrivastava (Musafir)

Music Production, Mix & Master P.C Shivan

Musicians Esraj- Arshad Khan

Piano/Keys- PC Shivan

Tabla- Martin

Violin- Sreenivaasan. G

Bass Guitar- Rex David Video

Actor – Preeti Hariharan 

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