AdharoN se jo lage

A beautiful Radha-Krishna song in which Radha is being envious of Krishna’s flute. She describes how the flute is a world of music and love. Then she also expresses her desires to be as close to Krishna as the flute is.

Krishna, the supreme being- from a mischievous kid to a mastermind strategist, he danced through life as if it were some music. To realize this quality, many look up to him as a mentor, brother, advisor, friend, and God. Radha’s was an intimate one. She saw him as her everything, her beloved. This song is one such attempt to get a unique glimpse of how spellbound Radha was about him and the magic he created with his flute. In seeing him through her eyes, we can realize a glimpse of the divinity.


Music composed by Vimal V Music Production

Arrangement & Programming by AS Ram

Lyrics by Prashant V. Shrivastava

Sung by Padmavathy Muralikrishnan

Recorded at Offbeat Music Ventires Studio , RA Puram Chennai

Keys by AS Ram

Flute by Lalit Talluri

Tabla, Tambourine and Talam by Martin

Guitar by Abinandan R

Mix & Master by Aswin George- Magic Fader

Dance Choreographed and performed by Preeti Hariharan