Who Killed Imagination?

Who Killed Imagination? by Preeti Shenoy
Who Killed Imagination? by Preeti Shenoy

I drew what my mind could see
An orange worm and a purple tree
A blue rose without any thorns
A dancing pig with crimson horns.

My teacher asked me where I had seen
What I had drawn, as trees are green.
A dancing pig with horns that are red?
She pursed her lips .She shook her head.

I looked at my picture again and again
I wanted to add tears but I added rain
What I wished was that my teacher could see
What I had seen and just let it be.

Imagination and creativity were killed that day
“Trees are green, Roses are red” I was made to say.
Though at that time, I did not know
Looking back now, it is clear as snow.

So I ask you today, to think a hundred times,
To watch what you say and to be gentle and kind
To admire– even if you don’t understand,
Look again–You may be opening a mind.


Preeti Shenoy is a famous novelist. This poetry of her has been published on her website at http://www.preetishenoy.com/poetry.html

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