This is our rendezvous

Prashant Shrivastava
This is our rendezvous by Prashant Shrivastava


Someone filled my empty room, with tranquil footsteps
Someone erased all vacuum, with magical fragrance
I could not see anyone
I did not see anyone
But I know it’s you
It’s our rendezvous

Someone scripted something on the sheet of the air
And then wiped off so that I do not become aware
I got refreshed all senses
There are familiar fragrances
Still don’t have any clue
As this flair is all new
But I know it’s you
It’s our rendezvous

Now you are in my sphere at the distance of my hand
But I want you to come in, so I won’t extend
Give me that tender feeling
Give my soul all the healing
Pull me out of this blue
And make me see your view
Let it be me and you
This is our rendezvous

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