Koi Mausam – A soul’s search

While ghazal is a very imaginative form of poetry that leaves the interpretation to the listener, we are sharing a broad meaning of the poetry so that listeners who are not conversant with language can understand the lyrics.

Ko Mausam To Ho Aisa

कोई मौसम तो हो ऐसा, के मेरा दिल भी लगे
कोई जंगल हो गुलों का, के मेरा दिल भी लगे

May there be a season in which my heart also rejoices
May there be a forest of flowers, where my heart also rejoices

मेरी सूरत, मेरे जज़्बात से मिलती ही नहीं
कोई शीशा तो हो ऐसा, के मेरा दिल भी लगे
My face does not commensurate with my feelings.
May there be such a mirror (which can show my feelings), that my heart also rejoices.

है अंधेरा मेरे दिल में, तुझे देखूँ तो कैसे
मेरी आँखों से गुज़र जा, के मेरा दिल भी लगे
There is darkness in my heart. How will i see you. Please pass in front of my eyes once, so that my heart also rejoices

कोई हमराज़ मुसाफ़िर को,कभी समझा ही नहीं
कोई अनजाना हो ऐसा, के मेरा दिल भी लगे
No friend could ever understand the feelings of Musafir (pen name of the poet), may there be an unknown someone (who understands me completely)so that my heart also rejoices.

  • Music Conceived and Composed by Vimal V
  • Music Produced, Mixed, and Mastered by Arun Suradhaa
  • Dilruba by Arun Suradhaa
  • Lyrics by Prashant V Shrivastava (Musāfir)
  • Sung by Arunasish Roy (Kolkata)
  • Voice Recorded @ Violina Studios (Kolkata)
  • Videography & Edit by Rolling Tusker Films
  • Video shoot location: Offbeat Music Ventures, RA Puram
  • Promotions: Vimal’s Music Lounge & @ArtofAjai