Privacy Policy

At, we simply aim to promote the upcoming poet and writer of Hindi and English languages. This is a common and shared platform where a decently written poetry (metered or non-metered, complete or half written) is published after the editor approves them. The submitter can be any individual who can submit for themselves or on behalf of someone else who authorize them to do so. The submission is received by the editor who then verifies that it meets basic standards of poetry and then publishes the same.

In this process, we cannot determine by any ways that the writer who is claiming the work actually owns that. In case of any dispute brought to the notice of editor will be most probably dealt by removal of relevant post. This although can be the case in general not always.

We also ensure that we will never separate a writer from their credit. In case if a writer/Poet sends their work by mail for publication, we will explicitly publish their name, However the posted by credit will go to the Editor as it is default rule of the site.

Any links found on our site that do not have in their URL are external ones and we hold no control on their claims or contents. We strictly avoid any porn or such content on any of the ads displayed on our site but if any such thing appears by fault or by mistake of our advertisers, we may not be able to take responsibility over them but we promise to take appropriate action if any such social violation is brought to our notice.

We shall be updating this page often based on needs that arise time to time.

For any assistance, reporting, or query, write a mail to our editor at

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