Small Verses / Mukhtsar Kalaam

The Mukhtsar Kalaam or Small Verses or Short Poetry page brigs you poetic thoughts that are written in two to four lines. The short shayari is a popular way of expressing thoughts. The poets try and complete a thought in fewer words. People love short shayari because they are fast to read and carries a message in carefully chosen words by the poet.

Musafir Jaagey

आज़ाद सुबहा के, मुसाफ़िर जागे
अभी नींद थी आँखों में, मगर जागे

Eid mubaraq

Chal chaand ko bhi keh dein Eid mubaraq Chal raat ko bhi keh deiN Eid mubaraq Jo chhalke chhalke firte hai Jo saari fizaa mein ghulte hai Aise har ek jazbaat ko keh dein Eid mubaraq