An upcoming model, ardent book lover, and wonderful poet

An upcoming model, ardent book lover, and wonderful poet

I want to walk alone,
along the shore,
keep walking to a place
that no one knows.

I want to run away,
from the agony,
the hatred, the tears
that surround me.

I want to go away,
and let the world be,
let the sadness disappear,
let them live.

I want to disappear,
from the clutches of friends,
and relationships
that kill me with expectations.

I want to disappear
into the mighty ocean,
where there shall be peace,
and peace alone.

I want to fly high,
and stay amongst the stars,
where nothing can affect me,
I shall be all alone.

I want to run,
as far as my feet takes me,
to seek happiness,
for the strangers.

Hurt and hatred
is all I see around,
Is there something I could do
to pacify the crying hearts?

I want a world
with smiles all around,
Where love and happiness
is all that prevails.

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